PACE Home Schooling Benefits

With PACE home schooling courses, you have the flexibility of purchasing only the materials, courses or supplies you need.

You can purchase individual courses, or save some money and complete curriculum package for the year.

The price for one year is less than $400 for all subjects, with complete answer keys.

Although I don't use PACE, I use a similar student-led workbook curriculum called LifePacs by Alpha Omega Publications. I also know other home educators who have used ACE and really liked it.

If you choose ACE PACES, you don't have to buy the whole curriculum package if you don't want to. Some parents like to use other materials for certain subjects and not have to use the PACES for the entire grade.

Purchase Only the Products You Need

I also like that you have the option to purchase either a full course, or just the individual workbooks that you need. Your student may need to complete just one or two units from a previous grade before going to the next. ACE allows you to purchase just the units you need to complete a subject, instead of buying the entire course, eliminating wasted money on books you won't use.

If you are transitioning over to PACE home schooling curriculum (PACE is also known as ACE and School of Tomorrow too), or have just taken your child out of school and don’t know exactly where they would start in their curriculum, you can easily find out where they would fit by:

Checking the Scope and Sequence

You can download a free PACE Scope and Sequence for all grades where you will find every topic that is covered in every PACE workbook. You can compare the list with the work your child has completed already – either at home, or at their previous school.

Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic Tests are short multiple choice-type tests that help you determine what your child knows and where you should start in a given curriculum. PACE provides free diagnostic tests online, or you can purchase hard copies for less than $5 each.

ACE/PACE Curriculum Reviews

A great way to find out if ACE Pace home schooling curriculum is right for your family is to find out what other ACE users think. Read ACE curriculum reviews written by home educators just like you!

Time-Saving ACE Home Schooling Option

The ACE home schooling program offers time-saving solutions for busy home schooling parents.

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