Overcoming Homeschool Classroom Chaos

by Rebecca Sellers
(College Station Tx.)

Outgrowing your homeschool classroom?

Outgrowing your homeschool classroom?

Do you live in a small home or struggle with keeping your homeschool classroom organized? Find out how this clever mom turned her garage into an organized living space perfect for schooling...

My story is really simple. I am a very organized person but I have four kids and a two year old that I babysit. So how can anyone be organized with a 10, 8, 5 and two 2 year-olds?

Well, it is hard. But it can be done. Our house is only 1492 sq. feet also. That makes it even harder. I homeschool everyone, even the 2 year olds.

My garage is enclosed into our school room/ t.v./ video game/ play/ art/ computer room. We have our washer and dryer in there also. Sound like organizational nightmare?

Well it isn't.

One corner is the washer and dryer with shelves above that everything is in its place. Next to the washer and dryer is the school books, neatly on the shelf by grade.

Then, I have the art table with crayons, markers etc. all in their own containers. Under the table (that has a curtain around it) I keep papers, play-doh, and craft supplies in tupperware containers. Our coach is next, with a coffee table (a trunk) that has dress up clothes inside and books neatly on top.

In the other corner, you will find our play toys in their little area, neatly.
Then the computer desk and t.v in an armoire.

That is our room.

I also do my business from this room. Custom made kids decor, paintings etc. Emmaloos.com.

If this room was not so neat it would be chaos. My friends laugh at how neat I am. They think I stay up all night and clean.

If you have everything in its place, it is easy to put back… even for the kids.

Hi Rebecca!
Thanks so much for your story... it brought a smile to my face reading it. How creative of you to make good use of the space you have. I would love to add a picture – the visual would be great!

PS Is your car in there too? :)

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