Outdoor Secrets

by Aimee
(Rothbury, MI, USA)

Learn about Outdoor Secrets, a Charlotte Mason-style book from Simply Charlotte Mason; read Aimee's review...

Following the Charlotte Mason example, Outdoor Secrets is a delightful book that helped us view nature in an all new way.

The stories are charming and straightforward, although I can imagine that some might find them old-fashioned (Outdoor Secrets was first published in 1903) but my son found them fun. We loved some of the aspects that it brought to our attention and I look forward to using this book for my two little ones.

We enjoy doing school the Charlotte Mason (CM) way and I am very thankful for having discovered this style as it really helps me and my family be who we really are.

The book can be ordered from www.simplycharlottemason.com and they are fast and courteous. The whole website if full of help and edification - which we all need every now and then!

Outdoor Secrets comes with a companion book, which is helpful and can be utilized, but is not necessary.

What a great resource! Thanks for telling others about Outdoor Secrets; I appreciate your thoughts. I have enjoyed reading and learning more about Charlotte Mason, this past year - so interesting! If you like this style of book, you should also check out Christian Liberty Nature Readers. I think your son would like them!
Blessings, Heather :)

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