Our Homeschooling Story

by Lisa Wood

More Benefits to Homeschooling

More Benefits to Homeschooling

Homeschooling mom shares some great benefits to homeschooling: traveling across Australia, relaxed, hands-on learning, family together-time and more...

I am homeschooling five boys. We are traveling around Australia.

One is 5years old and we are using Art to teach him counting and his ABC's. We have two books that he works from for English and Maths but mostly it is hands on work with helping Dad to build things or helping Mum to cook in the kitchen.

We take him shopping and get him to count up items as we go, and point out signs where ever we are so that he starts to recognise words. He would be in Grade one this year (queensland schooling) but sometimes he can do work that is above his age.

We have another boy who would be in grade 4 and another in grade 7. Again they have books for their level but mostly work in and around the house....building and creating. All of my boys are hands-on with wood work and we find that they fill their school work with creating art pieces!

I prefer to let my boys self direct their learning as they enjoy learning more while they are interested in their subjects.

Lisa from New Life on the Road

Lisa, thanks for sharing your homeschool story with others; it's fun to learn how other families live and learn together. I added your submission to the list of benefits to homeschooling because your relaxed, traveling lifestyle is definitely a benefit! I want to travel around Australia too! :) Wishing you many blessings as you enjoy your homeschooling journey! Heather

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