Organizing Homeschooling Schedules

by Tanya
(Scottsmoor, Florida)

Organizing our homeschooling schedules.

Organizing our homeschooling schedules.

Need to organize multiple homeschooling schedules? Find helpful tips and advice when teaching multiple children at home...

When deciding on how to schedule our school time, it can be a challenge.

I have two children that are four years apart. The system that did not work for me entirely was to do school with Child 1 in the a.m. and Child 2 in the afternoon.

While this gave each child the one-on-one that they really needed for a time, it did not leave Mom with much time for home, civic, and church responsibilities. So, as soon as we were passed the point where they required mainly one-on-one instruction, I made a change. A change that this Mom so very much welcomed.

Now the schedule looks a lot different. I organize the day by listing what subjects each child needs to complete for the day. Then I pair up the children's needs.

If I have to teach reading (a one-on-one activity) to Child 1, I then pair it up with an activity for Child 2 that is more independent in nature (such as art, music practice, writing, etc).

From time to time I also schedule both children to do the same task at the same time (gym, reading/ listening, history, etc). This way both children are getting the needed one-on-one time, and Mom is done with schooling by the latest, 2:30 in the afternoon.

For example, from 10am to 10:30 am Child 1 needs help with math and Child 2 is going to do an independent activity such as copy work. I would first give guidance and instruction to the child that would be working independently for that period (Child 2) and then turn my attention to the child that is going to require one-on-one attention (Child 1).

This basic scheduling technique is then recorded on a dry erase board set up in the school area or in a composition book and serves as a guideline to how each day should flow. We usually work with a temporary schedule for a week or two to work out the problems before we make it our schedule for the month or year.

Once your schedule is worked out for a basic school week, you can use it repeatedly. This will take away all the "What are we doing next?" and "You need to wait, as I can not help both of you at the same time".

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