Organized Homeschool Record Keeping

by Tina Rippy
(Cairo, WV)

Hard at work :0)

Hard at work :0)

I am a homeschool mother of three boys. One is starting 7th grade, one 6th, and one 1st grade. My homeschool record keeping is controlled by an easy filing system.

I have a manilla folder marked "File" right by all of our school books. Every time a child completes a page, it is put in there. Friday is our 'catch-up and library day'. So on Friday, we collect the papers in the file folder and we separate into three piles, one pile for each of the boys. Then, the piles are put in date order and filed in each of their three-ring binders, under the appropriate section. (Like Science section, Math, etc.)

The best part is the children help too! This is great for them to do and they love to help. So, every week this is done and I don't get overwhelmed by piles of papers and overstuffed folders. It's easy, it works, and it is teaching the boys to be organized!

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