Ordinary Parent's Guide to Reading Home School Reading Program

by acbuy

Affordable Home School Reading Program

Affordable Home School Reading Program

Homeschooling mom shares an inexpensive home school reading program written by Jesse Wise, co-author of The Well Trained Mind...

I started this home school reading program with both my boys for the last two years. My boys started at three and four years old and I used their flashcards as well as made my own for ones which were missing.

The flashcards have helped tremendously as reading out of the textbook/guide can be intimidating for the kids with so much writing on each page. While using the flashcards, we were able to play games and found it more fun and versatile.

The parent guide is basically the same instruction each lesson which makes preparation a breeze.

I have looked into other programs and found this to be the most bang for the buck :)

Thanks for sharing this inexpensive home school reading program; it’s much appreciated! Blessings, Heather

You can find the home school reading program, Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading at CBD at a 17% discount.

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