Online Learning and Eclectic Homeschooling

by Sujai Cobb
(Indianapolis, Indiana)

The thrill of touching a real meteorite!!

The thrill of touching a real meteorite!!

The thrill of touching a real meteorite!!
Building a terrarium
Preparing gluten-free pancakes

Single homeschooling mama shares about online learning and her eclectic homeschooling method...

Hello! To be quite honest about the matter, I have never really used only one particular curriculum. Initially, as a newly single mom, working to make ends meet, I felt I couldn't afford it. Everything seemed to me to be so costly; especially when you are wondering if you'll be able to even make your house note this month. So I started what I thought was a temporary piecing together of various sources to start teaching with. Between trips to the library, used book sales, field trips, (there were times I didn't even have internet access), etc. I came up with some pretty good lesson plans and unit studies. My son was 6 years old at the time and it wasn't really that hard.

Now my son is 11 and I would definitely say our homeschool style is eclectic. I have found some favorite websites and curriculum such as Ambleside, Enchanted Learning, and Time for Learning. I have utilized Kumon math and Math-U-See. I have joined a homeschool co op that meets weekly. Because my son is a hands on, kinesthetic type of learner, I have found this approach suites us very well! So what started out as a homeschool technique based on necessity has turned out to be, in reality the best way for my son to learn and retain. Hope you find this review helpful!

Your story is very helpful, Sujai; thanks for sharing! LOVE the pictures too! Blessings, Heather :)

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