Flexible, Worry-free, Online Homeschool Solutions

For parents looking for school-at-home options, online homeschool programs offer a flexible, worry-free solution to ease the apprehension many parents experience. 

Online programs provide great flexibility for students, allowing them to school virtually anywhere and anytime, day or night!

Enrolling your children in an web-based program can eliminate the added pressure you can feel especially when schooling the higher grades or more advanced subjects. Many parents become concerned as their children near high school because they will have to cover subjects like chemistry, physics, and algebra... or subjects they didn't particularly like or do well in, when they were in high school.

Many busy families choose internet schooling so they can continue to do school while traveling or when family-life gets hectic, with little disruptions. I know when we had two little ones - a preschooler and an infant, spending time teaching lessons to my older children got harder. Not because I didn't feel qualified, but because of interruptions and less available time due to the little ones.

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Versatile Virtual Learning

A wonderful benefit to home education is the ability to school around your family's schedule and lifestyle; internet learning makes it even easier to do that. No more waiting for younger children to finish their work, or your littlest ones to take their nap, lessons can begin at any time. Earplugs are a perfect solution to eliminate outside distractions or to help your other children concentrate on their own schoolwork.

Do you like to, or need to school on the road? You will not need to pack up your curriculum when leaving your home, or worry about forgetting something important you needed for lessons. Instead lessons and course work can be accessed via the internet or through email; just pick up your laptop, or tablet and go!

Online Homeschool Choices

All online programs are not the same; there are many different types to meet the many needs of homeschooling students. Some of the diverse delivery methods include:

  • Video classes - video-recorded teachers actually teach the class; assignments are completed at the student's pace.
  • Non-video classes - materials and assignments are distributed online without live or recorded classes; students complete the work independently.
  • Teacher-led classes – a live teacher facilitates the class and assigns weekly assignments and homework either through video or online classroom/chat room.

Internet lessons can be watched and completed on your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other hand-held device.

As technology advances more options will become available, for students of all ages who want to learn through non-confining methods, or outside the boundaries of a brick and mortar institution. 

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