Online Homeschool Courses Teens Want to Take... Even in Summer!

Does your homeschooling high school endeavor need a little excitement? Online homeschool courses give students a break from traditional textbook-type learning and provide practical, hands-on experience in learning via the internet.

When planning our daughters' high school trek, we discovered that our state also requires public high school students to graduate with some type of online learning experience.

If you are required by law to register in your state and fulfill certain requirements, online learning may be a requirement for your teen, too.

Giggling in the Classroom

The other day, when my 15 year old daughter was supposed to be doing her Algebra, I kept hearing giggles from the front room.

After a few minutes of listening to this shenanigan, my curiosity got the best of me, so I got up to investigate.

Instead of having her Algebra textbook open, it lay tossed to the wayside and open in front of her was her laptop.

The Truth Exposed

Trying to remain positive... I questioned her why she wasn't doing her Algebra lesson.

"I am", she replied happily, as she showed me the screen. And indeed she was!

She was watching a sample lesson of Thinkwell's Algebra II, one of their many online homeschool courses.

I had come across Thinkwell earlier this year while looking for high school math curriculum for one of my teens. I had asked her to preview it to see if she wanted to try video-learning for a change.

Sometimes Change is Nice

What we liked about Thinkwell's online homeschool courses were the video lessons, especially for upper level math courses. Professors actually teach the different classes via video, in an interesting and engaging manner.

We both thought Professor Burger was quite entertaining for a math teacher... we found ourselves chuckling while watching him teach. He is energetic and knows how to teach tedious... okay, boring subjects like Algebra and Calculus.

Perfect Solution for Busy Life

Online homeschool courses are a perfect solution for busy homeschooling parents who aren't confident in their upper-level math-teaching abilities or who have other obligations like teaching younger children, running after a preschooler or job commitments.

No Worries, Be Happy!

Thinkwell's affordable online homeschool courses provide everything you need – including comprehensive, interactive lessons, hundreds of practice problems, tests and solutions.

You can also purchase optional go-alongs like a workbook or lessons on CD, depending on how your student learns.

You Might Even Hear This...

My daughter even asked if she could start her Algebra II class this summer – yes, I said summer. I too, couldn't believe I heard that request correctly. What teen would use any part of their summer break to willingly do school, or worse... Algebra?

I liked her enthusiasm, so agreed. "But first," I said, "Pick up your textbook and finish your Algebra I, please?" :)

If you're looking for affordable, engaging and comprehensive online courses for your high school student, Thinkwell might be just the solution you are looking for!

Check it out for yourself and then use your exclusive coupon code for additional savings!

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