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Math struggles aren't fun, for students or parents. Due to our struggles, we're trying online homeschool classes for my high school daughter. Although we were planning to start them next year, we decided not to wait.
online homeschool classes If you know anything about me, I hate to waste money, which is why I wanted my daughter to finish the course we purchased for her this year, before starting something new.

However, our Algebra I textbook wasn't working for her, the school year was half over and I wanted to end her Algebra struggles this year.

I really didn't want to scrap what we were doing, and wasn't happy about having to spend more money, but knew she needed something different.

At the same time, John Zimmerman, president of TabletClass Math contacted me; he asked me to take a look at his new online homeschool classes to see if I thought they were a good fit for homeschoolers.

I agreed to take a look.

Brand New Online Homeschool Classes

After looking around the site a bit, I noticed the free trial offer. I signed up so my daughter and I could look at the Algebra I course; we were looking for a program that she could complete independently with clear, easy-to-follow lessons.

I also wanted curriculum that didn't require her to necessarily start all over again. She had already gone through the beginning of her Algebra I text a couple times; something just wasn't clicking for her.

We looked at the chapters together and found a good place for her to start; the rest is history. Since you may also have students who struggle with math, I've asked my daughter to share her personal experience using TabletClass Math online homeschool classes with you. Here's her story...

Teen Reviews New Online Math Classes

For a while, I've been struggling with getting Algebra I. I kind of understood it, but I never got it. I've always used Saxon math, a program I've grown up with and loved, but for Algebra I, it just wasn't cutting it.

I was struggling with algebraic systems, and no matter how many times I reviewed them, I just couldn't keep focused. While using the TabletClass online math program, I had what I like to call an "AHA!" moment. By just going through one video lesson, all of my previous Algebra escapades connected and clicked in my head.

The way the lessons are constructed and displayed make understanding quicker and easier. The actual material isn’t easier; instead the way the material is approached made the content less intimidating and daunting.

The TabletClass layout is easy to catch on to as well; inside the main chapters, are "subchapters", containing one lesson video and anywhere from one to five or six additional practice problem videos called "worksheets". At the end of each main chapter are additional printout sheets (like extra practice worksheets), chapter review notes, the chapter test, and the answer key.

I really like the mobility of TabletClass; I can do lessons anywhere and anytime I want. One time my mom peeked in my room at midnight and there I was doing my algebra lessons on my iPod. Although she was pleasantly surprised, she told me it was time for bed, so I reluctantly put my binder away and returned my iPod to its charging dock.

There are a couple negatives with the TabletClass program, however. Although all the video lessons can be downloaded to your computer, iPod or mp3 player, the extra video worksheets cannot be, so your student needs to be very self-governed on the internet and computer. The computer has many distractions, indeed many things more exciting and engaging than math, so concentration is a must.

Overall, I found TabletClass a new experience that has helped me immensely in my understanding of math. The approach is unintimidating, and the material is comprehensible. I look forward to finishing the course, and getting that "A" that is now achievable for me. (:

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Move over Saxon, Math-U-See, and Teaching Textbooks, there's a new kid on the block! TabletClass online homeschool curriculum delivers high quality video math lessons for middle school and high school.

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Teacher support, record keeping, hassle-free lesson planning, online homeschool programs provide many money and time-saving benefits for your busy family.

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