Online Home School Success
and Safety

A growing variety of online home school options are available for families looking for a flexible, hassle-free educational solution for their children.

Online programs, courses, and classes allow busy families to school more freely around their family's schedule or lifestyle.

Some curriculum requires a more consistent or stable learning environment – it's difficult to pack up numerous books and supplies, and teach individual lessons away from home. I know, I've done it. And... often my good intentions for schooling away from home, never came to fruition. It just took too much work to haul everything out.

However, with online home school programs, wherever you can find internet access, your children can do school!

Numerous Online Choices

You will find a wide variety of available online programs for homeschooling – from complete all-in-one solutions to individual classes. Online courses can vary greatly in price, delivery method, and services offered. Although younger students can enroll in online classes, online programs work particularly well for older students.

Free vs. Paid Programs

Most of the time, appropriate advertisements do not bother me - yes, websites with too much advertisement is a turn-off, but I tolerate it on some sites that I really like. I understand that a company needs to generate income, and ads provide a way to offer something for free. However, when it comes to my children, we do not use any websites with ads, as many advertisements are inappropriate for young eyes.

To avoid inappropriate advertising, and eliminate deviant online behavior, check out each website thoroughly. Make sure all content is "rated G".

Most, if not all, paid websites do not use ads in the student area, or any place on their website. Your dollars support the service they offer, and online learning becomes safer for children.

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Online Home School Success

When it comes to getting good grades when learning online, it really depends on your student: if he/she enjoys the online home school curriculum or course, and how motivated they are to do well.

Some steps you can take to ensure online success are:

Choose a program your student will enjoy - that fits their learning style and personality.

Most companies offer free lessons, so you can try out their curriculum before enrolling your child or teen. Sit down with them and do some lessons together. Find out if they like it, and if you like it. You will be able to see if your child "clicks" with the material, set-up of the website, and delivery of lessons.

Look for user-friendly (and child-friendly) websites.

If the website seems unorganized, or tricky to navigate, your student, especially younger children, can become discouraged.

Create a comfortable, consistent, and inviting learning area.

Some kids like learning at a desk, while others enjoy sitting on the floor, or in a big, comfy chair. Wherever they like to learn, determine the most productive place - you can tell by how much work they get done.

Although many families allow their children to do their school work in their rooms, while lying on their beds, this environment or place (bed) may not be the best way for your child to learn... sleeping definitely, but not active learning.

Online Safety 

An important factor to consider when looking into this schooling option, online educational programs require increased internet activity. If you can not provide proper supervision or internet controls on your computer while your child completes lessons, then internet learning may not be a safe option for your family. 

An easy way to monitor online activity is to have your child's laptop in a public area, with screen in view at all times. 

In our family, this is a family requirement for everyone.  There are many ways to protect your family while using the internet - from software programs, to online web monitoring services, to administrative/parental controls available on every computer.

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