Online Christian Homeschool Curriculum

Alpha Omega Publications recently released a new online Christian homeschool program for homeschooling families who want a more high-tech, on-the-go, Bible-based curriculum option.

Alpha Omega publishes many different kinds of curriculum from workbooks to unit studies, but for busy families, Monarch may be a perfect fit!

Monarch's online curriculum will engage your students in grades 3-12, with movie clips, animations, learning games, audio clips, and web-related links.

Parents can easily access their children's work through an online control panel. Monarch even keeps a record of your student's progress = hassle-free record-keeping!

Monarch Curriculum

The five core subjects that make up a complete Monarch grade are: Bible, Math, Science, Language Arts and History/Geography.

You can also choose from over 35 internet-based electives to supplement and enrich the core subjects.

With Monarch, you can choose a complete grade, or individual subjects, if you don't want your student learning online or via the computer all day.

Monarch Curriculum Overview

You can find a complete overview of Monarch that I wrote when AOP first released this new Christian online homeschool curriculum; it will you help learn more about this new internet-based homeschooling option.

Monarch Curriculum Reviews

Before you purchase any curriculum, take some time to find out what other parents think. You will find a growing list of AOP Monarch curriculum reviews to help you in your decision process.

Monarch Homeschool Discount

Save money on AOP Monarch curriculum with the Alpha Omega homeschool discount!

Not Sure if Monarch is For You?

Online curriculum isn't a good choice for everyone. Learn more about other AOP homeschool options or read other Alpha Omega curriculum reviews".

Hassle-free Online Learning

Online homeschool learning provides great flexibility for homeschooling students, allowing them to school virtually anywhere and anytime, day or night!

Benefit$ of Virtual Learning

Teacher support, record keeping, hassle-free lesson planning, online homeschool programs provide many money and time-saving benefits for your busy family.

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