Oklahoma Home Schooling Information
and Requirements

Oklahoma home schooling families enjoy freedom and liberty when teaching their children at home.

Home Schooling Regulations

As a home educator, you do not have to submit any forms, or register with any governing authorities, making home education easy and hassle-free!

Requirements include providing 180 days of instruction to your child, and covering all required subjects.

For complete details of the home schooling laws and requirements, you will want to visit the Oklahoma government website.

Home Schooling Laws

Before beginning to home school in Oklahoma, you will want to familiarize yourself with the home school laws. Oklahoma is a great state to home school in because you do not have to register your home school with any governing authorities, use certified teachers, or state approved curriculum.

You also do not have to administer state mandated standardized tests or jump through any other legal hoops! :)

For complete details on home schooling laws visit one of the state support groups below, HSLDA's website or the Oklahoma government website. (http://sde.state.ok.us/pro/homesch.html)

Don't Home School Alone!

When schooling your children, you will want to connect with other homeschooling families in your area. Oklahoma homeschool support is waiting for you here!


Choosing a Home School Support Group...

Support groups are not all the same... discover the wide variety and uniqueness of each before choosing a homeschool support group for your family.

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