NY Homeschool Kindergarten Achievement Test

by shevon gansowski
(hudson ny)

NY homeschool mom has questions and concerns about a Kindergarten achievement test request...

I sent my son's third quarter report and received a letter back from the superintendent saying that they require the results from an assessment of a commercial achievement test. I have looked on line and in the parents teacher stores and have not found anything. Is the superintendent requesting something that is not required in New York or for kindergarten? And were can I buy one?

Hi Shevon,
Here is a link to a summary of the New York homeschool laws from HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association). You do need to submit an assessment at the end of each year, with your last quarterly report. The summary says you need to submit either be a "norm-referenced achievement test, or a written narrative evaluation". Some examples of norm-referenced achievement tests are: California Achievement Test (CAT), Metropolitan Achievement Test, Stanford Achievement Test, Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills, Iowa Test of Basic Skills, etc.

You can purchase these test from a variety of vendors. Some trusted companies that serve homeschoolers nationally are:

Brewer Testing Services

Bob Jones University Press
IOWA and Stanford Achievement Tests

Christian Liberty
California Achievement Test - you can order online or paper tests. You do not need to pay the Curriculum Recommendation Fee if you are not considering using their curriculum.

Family Learning Organization

Seton Testing
California Achievement Test

Both Christian Liberty and Seton's CAT Tests cost $25 per student - very affordable!

If you need anything else, please feel free to ask!

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Oct 09, 2015
reply NEW
by: Posan

I always ensure that my kids at the kindergarten learn something. I known that they are not grown to learn many technical things but I want them to learn some social etiquette which would be useful for them at the preschools. Home Care

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