North Carolina Notice of Intent to Home School Question

by Vanessa
(Mint Hill, NC, USA)

I live in North Carolina and have a 9 year old LD daughter. She has been harassed and bullied for a few years now. I am taking a stand for her and decided to home school, but do I need to wait to withdraw her until we are acknowledged as a homeschool? I cant find the information on this anywhere. Thanks.

Hi Vanessa,
You will find the answer to your question on the North Carolina Department of Administration website.

Per their site: "There is no approval, disapproval, certification or licensing process involved. You are notifying the State of North Carolina of your intent to establish a home school, not asking for state approval to do so. As long as all questions on the Notice of Intent form are answered and credible high school diploma evidence is submitted with it for all adults named on lines 8 and 9 of the form, acceptance of your completed Notice of Intent form is automatic.

Formal receipt acknowledgment of your Notice of Intent will be sent to you via the US Postal Service."

Here is the link with the answer to your North Carolina Notice of Intent to Home School question.

Heather :)

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