Non-Traditional Homeschool Science Curriculum

by Caryn Coleman
(Mountain View, CA)

Dan Basher's Science Books Excite Interest in Science

Dan Basher's Science Books Excite Interest in Science

While not typical homeschool science curriculum or a specific course per se, we use the Basher series of science books to excite our kids' interest in science. The illustrations and the organization of the materials perfectly suit my children's love of categories, coded systems and visual learning.

The one on the Periodic Table got us started on chemistry and led in all sorts of terrific directions and investigations (the kids even started using chemical principles of certain elements in their fantasy play). We read more difficult material and performed experiments stimulated by these books:

Periodic Table - Elements with Style
Physics - Why Matter Matters
Biology - Life as We Know It
Astronomy - Out of this World

I have found that finding a few books that really excite them and then following along their interests has saved quite alot of money over following a set homeschool science curriculum. We supplement these with books for me and books for the kids, following leads from other homeschoolers.

Since my kids don't like lots of repetition once they understand something we save money by skipping work books all together and "graze" from teacher manuals, science movies and the like. This Basher series gives stimulating overviews for the global and visual thinkers in our little home school.

Caryn, thanks for letting us know about this wonderful and affordable science series and how you are using the books in your home school! I agree, sometimes pitching formal courses or homeschool science curriculum gets our kids more interested in learning or "school". Formal curriculum can be a turn-off to some children; using less intimating materials may be the perfect solution to get an un-interested student, interested in certain subjects. Happy homeschooling, Heather :)

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