NOEO Science Curriculum Homeschool Review

by Cynthia Casanova
(Chatsworth, CA, USA)

Physics 2  Gizmos, Gadgets, Gears and Gravity

Physics 2 Gizmos, Gadgets, Gears and Gravity

We have been using NOEO Science curriculum for two years now and have LOVED it! They have 3 levels to cover 1-3rd, 4-6th, and 7-9th grades. It is great for families with kids in different grades because they can use one level to teach the siblings together.

They have 3 different courses for each level: Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. They use a blend of Charlotte Mason and Classical teaching methods which we love because of the high literary quality of the books. NOEO Science also knows that science should not be a spectator sport but instead hands on, so they include lots of science experiments.

They are pretty thorough in the materials they include for the experiments so that a parent doesn't have to worry about not having the needed supplies when it is time to do an experiment. They also have the kids do a lot of notebooking to help them with retention.

I would say this homeschool science curriculum is affordable because of the way that 1 level and course can be used for multiple students at one time and also saved and reused later for other kids. You also have the option of just buying the Teacher Guide and finding the needed books at the library or bought used somewhere else. They are currently working on expanding their curriculum to older students.

Our family has been very pleased with this curriculum and we look forward to using them again and again each year.

Excellent review of NOEO Science curriculum, Cynthia! Thanks for taking the time to help others learn more about this homeschool science program. Your thoughts are informative and helpful. Blessings, Heather :)

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Aug 25, 2015
used curriculum? NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am interested in Noeo 4-6 and was wondering if there was any place i could purchase it used.. any ideas?


Oct 27, 2015
NOEO Science Curriculum Homeschool Review NEW
by: Anonymous

Great post Cynthia. NOEO Science Curriculum is the best for students who take more interest in science. The custom essay is always the best to write the best about the topic you are assigned.

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