New York Homeschool Information and Help Needed

by Angie

New York Homeschool Help Needed

New York Homeschool Help Needed

Tenth grade teen is terrified to go to school due to gangs. His mom needs New York homeschool information and help...

Hi! I'm trying to gather information for my cousin who lives in Brooklyn, New York. Her 15 year old son who is in tenth grade is terrified to go to school. He's often bullied. He has to run home from school. There are gangs on the school grounds etc. She needs someone to guide her. I'm in Va. I don't know of any support groups, coop and home school stores to purchase material.

Hi Angie,
What a great cousin you are! :)

You can find some answers to your legal/curriculum questions on these pages of my website:

New York Homeschool Help Needed

New York Homeschooling Help Needed

New York Homeschool Question

For local homeschool support groups, co-ops and classes, visit either, or; both of these stateside support groups should have an up-to-date list of local groups, etc. on their website.

If you have any other questions, please let me know!
Heather :)

Do you homeschool in the Brooklyn, New York area? Please provide any additional information to help other parents looking to homeschool in and around NYC. Thanks!

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