New York Homeschool Help Needed!!

by Kelly Abashaar
(Queens, New York)

New York Homeschool Questions and Help Needed

New York Homeschool Questions and Help Needed

New homeschooling mom of four has some New York homeschool questions. Please help if you can...

I have already sent in my letter of intent to homeschool and recieved my packages for my four children. What I am wondering is how do i go about choosing their curriculum and finding the books and so forth. I am totally at a loss here and really have no idea what to do!!! PLEASE HELP ME!! Thank You!!

Hi Kelly!
Choosing curriculum isn't always easy, unfortunately, but I would love to try to help you. I am posting your questions to my website so others can help too.

A couple questions:
How old are your children or what grade are they in?
Are you looking for faith-based or secular materials? Or does it matter?

Children learn in different ways. What works with one may not necessarily work with another.

If your children are close in age, you may want to teach them together through a unit study approach. Unit studies usually take more involvement from the parent, but its worth the time investment – you can teach all your children at once! With the unit study approach, all subjects - history, science, language arts, etc. revolve around a main theme or time period. Subjects aren't isolated from each other; instead every one works with the other.

Some great homeschool unit studies are:
Five In
A Row
(ages 5-8)/Beyond Five In A Row (ages 8-12)
My Father's World (K-8 and High School)
World of Adventure (Middle School)
Prairie Primer – uses the Laura Ingalls Wilder books
Tapestry of Grace

Sonlight is also another popular homeschool curriculum where you can teach multiple children at once.

You can also modify traditional curriculum to work with any type of learner, but it takes a little extra work on your part.

Some more traditional, teacher-led homeschool curriculum programs include:
Rod and Staff
Bob Jones
Christian Liberty Press

Oak Meadow is a hands-on secular homeschool curriculum you and your children may enjoy.

Teacher-led, literature-based curriculum

Student-led/Self-teaching Curriculum
Robinson Self-Teaching Curriculum

ACE – Accelerated Christian Education
Alpha Omega homeschool curriculum
Christian Light Education

Some online homeschool curriculum options:
K12 Homeschooling Curriculum

Computer-based Curriculum
Switched-on Schoolhouse

Some great places to buy curriculum are:
CBD – Christian Book Distributors offers a LARGE selection of homeschool products with great discounts.
Rainbow Homeschool Resources also offers a large selection of homeschool curriculum and products at great prices.

I hope this helps you, Kelly! If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. Other New York homeschool parents may post some additional help for you too!
Heather :)

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Feb 08, 2011
hit the conventions
by: mrs dani

There are 2 places you need to turn to for the best info on curriculum. First, you need to find out when and where the big state homeschool convention is for your state. Contact some support groups and they should be able to tell you. You will find vendors from all over the country there who will take great time to discuss the pros and cons of all they have to offer. Yes, it will take a day or two on a weekend of your time, but the information will be invaluable. Plus, the conventions generally have workshops for first time homeschoolers with subjects from navigating the laws to picking out curriculum.

A second place is your own homeschool support group. You need to be in one of these. Others who have "been there" can really give you some great advice.

Good Luck!

Apr 09, 2015
basics NEW
by: madrin

Choosing a curriculum is the basic thing in homeschooling. And I have seen this problem in each academic year. Before everything you must consider the advices from the veterans. Then define your beliefs and philosophies. Create your own resources. Select a good math curriculum as according to the nature of your children. Their age is the main factor. Meaningful Use

May 02, 2015
New York Homeschool Help Needed!! NEW
by: Jessica David

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