New York Homeschool Help Needed

by Joanna
(New York, NY)

New York Homeschool Questions

New York Homeschool Questions

Mom of 15 year old teen needs some New York homeschool questions answered. Can you help?

I am moving back to New York City with my 15 year old. She is currently a sophomore in high school and she wants to be homeschooled. What do I do? I don't know where to start and the school year has already started. Please help!

Hi Joanna!
Thanks for posting your New York homeschool questions to my website. You will find lots of answers to the questions you have on the NY State Education Website.

You will also find a brief overview of the New York homeschool laws and requirements from HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association).

When you homeschool in New York, you have to notify your district and complete an Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) - your district will provide you with the form once you send them your notice of intent. Basically a notice of intent is a short letter to inform the district that you will be homeschooling your daughter (include her name and grade) for the current school year.

You can also include the following... "I am sending this letter of intent as required in Section 100.10 of the Regulations of the New York State Commissioner of Education." Include your contact information as well.

Once your district receives your notice, they will send you a copy of C.R. 100.10.

Don't forget to request your daughter's transcript and school records from her previous school, so you have a copy for your records.

Other visitors who homeschool in New York may be able to provide additional guidance and help.
Blessings, Heather

If you are a New York homeschool parent or group leader, can you provide some guidance for this concerned mom? Thanks! :)

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