New to Homeschooling Questions! Scared and Excited!

by Kathy
(Burlington, KS)

New to homeschooling mom has some questions about keeping one child home while sending another to public school and Switched-on Schoolhouse curriculum...

We have researched and decided upon a combination of Switched on Schoolhouse and LifePac curriculum. My question is geared towards SOS - I want my daughter to have the best and would love a little of a bargain as getting this program going has been spendy... :) I have found a 2010 set of the COMPLETE SOS set for a good price, but don't want to short her if the 2011 is really better. Any thoughts?

Also a concern, she is a twin and her sister is currently staying in the school system. We don't want her to miss out. The school suggested combining part public and part homeschooling. She is open to either. I just want to do what's best for her.

Hi Kathy,
If your daughter who you will homeschool is open to either option - staying home full time or doing part-time public school and homeschooling, then she may realize that she may miss out on some public school activities, yet be okay with it. Talk to her openly and ask her if she will miss not doing some activities that her sister will do if she were to only do homeschooling.

You could always look for a group in your area; your daughter may enjoy getting to know other homeschooling students. Many groups offer field trips, classes and other activities to connect families and students together.

Not all public school districts allow part-time enrollment; if your school does, then that certainly is an option, depending on your reason/s for taking your daughter out of the public school system in the first place.

You can find some helpful comments to another mom's questions about homeschooling one child and public school for the others.

As far as used Switched-on Schoolhouse curriculum... I know they do make changes and updates to the program each year. I don't think you will run into so many that your daughter isn't getting a good education because you are using last year's edition. However... I do know that many homeschoolers have had trouble when buying and installing used copies of Switched-on Schoolhouse.

Other website visitors who use SOS may be able to provide additional insight regarding your used SOS question. I would hate for you to buy a used copy and then end up wasting your money.

Heather :)

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