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I have two children that I have never homeschooled before, and we are planning and wanting to homeschool them. We have not been approved yet, we as of yet have not filled out the application. I really would appreciate some input or help when it comes to homeschooling. I have a 12 and a 14 year old. One is in middle school and my older just started high school. I have been reading your blogs and I am interested in doing unit homeschool; it is more convenient and will help them both work together and strengthen us as a family. I need help in how to present the curriculum to the school district, they are wanting a description of the curriculum, subjects being taught and the number of hours of instruction to be provided, teaching manuals, workbooks and a few other things. I am not sure where to start or even how to present it to the superintendent? Do I type it on the computer and print it out, or can I write it on handwriting? I am a bit nervous because I don't want them to disprove of us homeschooling our children because it is very important. Please help! Thank you so much, it is very much appreciated and needed. Your website has been so enlightening, as well as educational and very informative. Thank you so much.

Hi Erica,
You can fill the application out by hand or by typing - it's up to you. If the fields on a (pdf) form can be typed in, it may be easier for you - no paper to have to keep track of and file, you can save a copy to your computer, should you need it in the future. Your form/letter will also look more professional if it is typed.

Here is a Sample Education Plan for you to follow:

I think you are from Massachusetts; if you are not, let me know what state, so I can be of better assistance.

Most unit study curriculum will have a description on the publisher's website as well as detailed information on topics covered. You can use that wording and information to help you give an overview of the program and the subjects that you will cover. Use your state's requirements to help you include what is required. Include the number of days/hours of instruction that are required in your state and list the materials/books/guides you will use.

The unit study curriculum we use includes all subjects except math, so I would list the curriculum and the workbook that goes along with the curriculum, plus any additional courses I'm using to supplement - in my case, I would include the titles/grade/author of the math, reading, handwriting courses I am using for each child. I don't think a district wants to see the actual books and materials you are using; I think most accept a list of titles. Since our curriculum relies heavily on literature and library books, I would include that in my Education Plan.

I hope this helps you! If you have any other questions or need anything else, please do not hesitate to ask!

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