New to Homeschool Questions

by Michelle
(MIdway Park, NC)

Homeschool Questions

Homeschool Questions

Hello my name is Michelle and I have some homeschool questions. I recently have decided to homeschool my fourteen year old son. We recently moved to North Carolina from California. He was doing real well out in California. When we moved out here we found out about a school from my husband's commanding officer that was suppose to be a real good school.

My son's first day there was a real nightmare. I have been taking him to therapy to help with his anxiety and trying to work with the school on trying to get him comfortable to go back.

For a while he was working on his class work in the school library and started to do well again. When the vice principle and the social worker decided that they wanted him in class no matter what or he needed to no longer be on school grounds. I had already informed them that I was waiting for my homeschooling papers to come in but that did not seem to faise them.

I have recently recieved my homeschooling papers from the state and now I need to find out which curriculum I can get to help him try to catch up and finish out the eighth grade.

I did not realize that there were so many different sites for homeschooling. I like your idea of unit studies. How do I find what needs to be studied for his age? and how do I get started?

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Jun 14, 2010
New Homeschool Questions
by: Heather

Hi Michelle,
You can find a typical eighth grade course of study here:

Use this only as a guideline, especially if you will homeschool your son for longer than one year. If you are committed to homeschooling your son until he graduates, then it really doesn't matter what your son learns when. Many homeschooling students study topics at different grades than public/private schooled students. For example: According to the above course of study, a typical eighth grade students in a public school will learn about the growth and development of the United States. However, a homeschooled student may study it in sixth or seventh grade or not until ninth grade. My oldest daughter went to public high school for one year, in ninth grade. She had already covered most, if not all of the public school's ninth grade material in our eighth grade homeschooling curriculum.

Some unit studies you and your son may enjoy are:
A World of Adventure (My personal favorite for middle school or grades 4-8)
Beautiful Feet (Literature-based unit studies)

You may want to find some books at the library and put together your own mini-unit study to help him finish off his year and then look for ninth grade. Ask him what he has learned already and look for books that would interest him.

You will find some great books at the library - your librarian will be very helpful in finding books for the time period you need. You will also find some great reads listed in the Sonlight catalog.

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