New Hampshire Homeschool Help: Wanting to be Homeschooled

by Kacy
(Pelham, New Hampshire, USA)

New Hampshire Homeschool Help

New Hampshire Homeschool Help

New Hampshire homeschool help needed - teen needs assistance locating a homeschool tutor near Pelham, NH...

Hello my name is Kacy and I'm 18 years old and have been having tremendous troubles finishing high school. I tried doing online but it was extremely difficult for me. I was wondering if you knew of any way I can get a teacher to home school me and how I might find one.

Hi Kacy,
Thanks for posting your question. I would contact a local support group and ask them to refer you to a tutor in your area.

What subject/s are you having difficulty with?

You will find many former or retired teachers who love to tutor students. Always ask for referrals, have your parents thoroughly check out their backgrounds and always tutor in public places, with another adult nearby.

Homeschool parents often provide help to other homeschoolers. Some teach classes out of their homes or through a homeschool co-op; some even teach other homeschooled students along with their own children.

Here is a great list of New Hampshire homeschool support groups. There is a contact for Pelham, NH. If they don't respond, contact another group leader in another town close to you; many groups are not listed on the internet.

If you have any questions, or are unsuccessful at locating help in your area, please let me know. I used to live in New Hampshire (north of you, in Hillsboro) and still keep in contact with those I know. Many of them homeschool/ed and may be able to provide some additional help.


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