Need Cheap or Free Homeschool Materials

by Krissie Fanning
(Overland Park, Kansas)

Cheap or Free Homeschool Materials Needed

Cheap or Free Homeschool Materials Needed

My husband and I are considering taking our seven year old out of school and homeschooling him. My huge problem right now is finding state required school materials to teach him with.

I need all the materials that he would learn normally in school but can't find a good site and when I do find a really good site it is so much money! Do you know where I can go to get cheap/free materials?
Thank you,
Krissie Fanning
We live in Kansas:)

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Feb 17, 2010
good for you, but you will need to work
by: mrs dani

First, I would not be too concerned about "state required school materials"

You need to go to the Homeschool Legal Defense Association ( and find out the laws for your state. By joining (at most membership runs $10 a month) they can give you any and all forms you may need and give you advice and help you.

Then you need to find a good support group around you. Homeschool groups can help you find materials in a variety of ways. THe above metioned website will have links. Click on your state and you will see a list of goups you can scroll through.

1) State conventions will have venders that sell new & lovingly used materials at discount prices. They can also help you figure out a basic plan (english, science, etc.)

2) Hit the library! At only 7 years of age, you will be surprised at resources you can get there...for FREE!!!!!

3) Many homeschool support groups will have a resource room with free lending privilegdes for members.

4) In many homeschool groups, families will "lend" out materials to other families. I do this with my sister in law. When I had one child in 1st grade, my sister in law had her child in that grade the following year. The year after that I had another child in that grade. So our materials were used 3 straight years in a row.

5)If you are so concerned with keeping in line with the school district, check your state's dept of education or local school district website. They generally have a listing by grade of what subjects are planned to be covered. (from a family of teachers, they never, ever cover everything on that plan so dont get overwelmed.)

Here is the deal. I will not lie to you. This will take work on your part. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!...if you are willing to work.

I try to put all sorts of money saving tips up on my site. You are welcome to visit and contact me for encouragement via my site at

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