NC Homeschooling Question: Withdrawing My Child From Public School

by Tracy
(Yadkinville, NC)

NC Homeschooling Help Needed

NC Homeschooling Help Needed

Mom of teenage daughter wants to know about NC homeschooling requirements when withdrawing her daughter from public school...

My daughter had been getting in a lot of trouble at school for being late to class and disrespectful to one of her teachers. The last straw was when a girl asked my daughter to hold her cell phone and then my daughter was called to the office because the phone was stolen the day before; my daughter wasn't even at school the day it was taken.

The other girl admitted that she stole it and phone records showed that all calls were made the day before. The assis. Prin. told me that he knew she didn't take the phone. The resource officer for the school said he was going to press charges on her for "possession of stolen property" and the school gave her 3 days ISS starting that day.

I didn't send her the next day (which was April 14, 2011) and I received an email from DNPE April 14, 2011, telling me that I could legally operate my homeschool as of that day. I started working with her that exact day.

I sent a notification of intent to withdraw to the Principal April 19, 2011 (they are on spring break this week). He replied back telling me that I needed to come in on Monday and officially withdraw her.

I was under the impression, from what I have found online, that once I sent the notification, I didnt need to go to the school. What am I obligated to do from here?

Hi Tracy,
Please know that I am not a lawyer and I don't homeschool in North Carolina, I'm just trying to help you. Other NC homeschooling parents may post some additional help as well.

From what I have read, once you receive an acknowledgment from the DNPE you do need to go to the school to show it to them, because your daughter was enrolled in a public school.

I found
this information in the North Carolina homeschooling laws and requirements area of the NCDNPE website (

"Withdrawing a student from (public school):
Upon receiving from DNPE a Notice of Intent to Operate a Home School acknowledgment (for your Notice of Intent received by DNPE between July 1 and the following May 31), show it to the appropriate official in the local school in which the student is currently enrolled.

Allow that official to make a photocopy of it but make certain that you retain the original (it is irreplaceable) and then ask to complete any paperwork necessary to officially withdraw your student effective on a specific date.

Do not withdraw your child from or stop sending him/her to the local school until you have successfully completed the process of establishing a legal home school with DNPE. Until that process has been completed, you remain under the legal jurisdiction of the local public school system which has power under state law to prosecute the parent/guardian for violating the state's compulsory attendance law. G.S. 115C-380 states that any parent, guardian or other person violating the provisions of the compulsory attendance law shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

Also... if you are planning on only homeschooling your daughter for the remainder of the year:

"April or May registration -- Is it permitted?
Yes. However, be aware that if you withdraw your student (who was failing academically in a public or conventional non-public school), home school him/her during these final months of the school year and then re-enroll the student the following fall in that school, he/she will probably be retained in the same grade level."

The NC Division of Non-public Education's website provides lots of other NC homeschooling FAQ's and helpful information for parents who want to homeschool. Should you need it, there is also home school legal defense available for homeschooling parents.

I hope this information helps you!

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Sep 29, 2015
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Oct 12, 2017
I need to enroll my son into home school NEW
by: Anonymous

My son is 14 years old, we just moved to the area here in NC back in April 2017.The school my son attends really don't want to help him. The school stated that he is 3 grade levels behind and he's on a IEP. His Math teacher stated that maybe you should put him in a trade school. I feel I can better help him and get him caught up along with online home schooling, now because of an incident at school is on OSS at the moment. Do I need to wait until the OSS is over to do the process of removing him from public school or I can do it now? Please help.
Tonya Feaster-Brown

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