My Husband's Reluctance

by Joy @

Want to homeschool, but have a reluctant spouse? So did Joy. She shares her husband's objections and what turned him into a supportive husband and homeschool advocate.

When we first considered homeschooling, my oldest was finishing 2nd grade in public school and my middle child was finishing kindergarten. When I first told my husband I was considering homeschooling because our oldest was NOT learning in school, he had three objections:

1. I was already doing so much, he didn't want me to burnout.
2. What about P.E. (such a strange objection coming from someone who is practically anti-sports)
3. What about socialization?

Well, even with those objections, he still agreed to homeschool for a trial year. But it only took a couple months before he saw the benefits of homeschooling, how much the kids were really learning, and how much better a homeschooling situation was for our family as a whole.

Now my husband is one of the biggest advocates for homeschooling there is. Lord willing, we'll be homeschooling all three of our kids right through high school.

Thanks for sharing, Joy! Homeschooling has so many benefits, but isn't always easy. Having the support of those around - especially your spouse makes homeschooling so much better! You go girl! Blessings, Heather :)

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