My First Report Homeschool Bible Based Curriculum

by Marion McQueen
(Juneau, AK)

Homeschool Bible Based Curriculum

Homeschool Bible Based Curriculum

My First Report is a homeschool bible based curriculum that provides a variety of activities. The curriculum is appropriate for 1st through 3rd grade and I have found that range accurate. There is a reading list at the end of each of the fourteen units to support the activities and reports.

I would prefer if the books could be next to the relevant activity as opposed to having to figure out which book goes with which activity. It would also be nice if the activities were grouped by age group.

The fourteen units provide enough variety to stimulate my kids but you do have to buy/borrow quite a bit of extra material to support it. It is not a box kit.

Overall, I appreciate the variety offered by this curriculum and that I can use it for my children over the next few years.

Thanks for writing about this homeschool bible based curriculum, Marion; I have never heard about My First Report before. Could you contact me with more information on this curriculum? Thanks! Blessings, Heather

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