My Father's World Homeschool Review: First Grade

by Katie D
(Central Florida)

New homeschooling mom shares five reasons why My Father's World was the best homeschooling curriculum for her and her young son. Read her helpful review...

We are newbies to homeschooling. My son should have been in kindergarten this past year, but was already reading and past what I saw in most kindergarten curriculum. I talked with a rep from My Father's World at a conference I went to last year. I really liked what she had to say about the first grade pack.

I really like the affordability of My Father's World. It is not super expensive. There is a basic package or a deluxe package. If you want the extra books and manipulatives, you can get the deluxe package.

We chose to get the basic package. I used to be an early childhood development teacher. I have tons of materials from my teaching days still hanging around the house. I didn't need a lot of bells and whistles. I just needed lesson plans and basic materials. I could have written my own lessons, but with two younger children at home, it was so nice to have everything written out in a very easy to follow fashion.

The main things I liked about using My Father's World are:
1. Affordability
2. Clearly laid out plans
3. Freedom to add to the lessons... I didn't feel overwhelmed by the curriculum. I didn't feel pressure to use every bit of a super full curriculum. We were able to slow down when needed and speed through as well. There were suggestions for extra help included in the lesson plans.
4. Exploration Days- Each week of the first grade pack allows for an exploration day to get outside and enjoy nature.
5. Bible centered curriculum. While accomplishing all that a first grader needs to know, the curriculum also reads through the Bible in a year and teaches other basic skills (reading, writing, etc) using the Bible as the base.

I am looking forward to Adventures in My Father's World next year and then the Cycle Learning system that is offered starting in Third Grade.

Excellent review of My Father’s World homeschool curriculum, Katie! Thanks for taking the time to help other parents who are considering MFW for their children. Blessings, Heather :)

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