Mother of Seven with Homeschooling Problems

by Deb
(Oakwood, OH )

Homeschooling Problems and Learning Difficulties

Homeschooling Problems and Learning Difficulties

Homeschool mom of a young adult needs advice and guidance for some homeschooling problems... can you help?

I have a son that is now 21 and he took the GED but didn't pass it. He was being tutored at Vantage Vocational School in Van Wert, OH. I asked him how he was doing and he said the same as he always has.

We homeschool and we just kept working with him even though he struggled. I was told he would probably do fine on the GED and just let him take that for his diploma. Well he still doesn't have it.

If I need to join your organization to get help I will. I didn't homeschool him not to be able to give him a diploma or something. I do and always believe he had a learning problem. I need help to know what to do legally. He thinks I ought to just hand him one.

Hi Deb,

You don't need to "join PEAH" to get help. I am posting your questions to the website; I'm sure we will find some very helpful home educators who will provide help, share their experiences and give encouragement... for free! :) Blessings, Heather

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Jan 13, 2010
by: mrs dani

I am curious if you have thought he had a learning problem, why you havent looked into getting him evaluated to see what it is. He could be lazy or he could have a real problem. While he is 21, he needs to find out so he will be better prepared for life.

Not knowing your situation, I can not say. If it is a case of lazy, then no, you should not give a diploma; those are earned not givien. Not sure if you can anyway since he already took a GED test and it is now on file. People will look at that and go,"oh, he just got his mom to give him a diploma because he couldnt pass the GED. This is why you cant trust those homeschoolers."

He needs to evaluated and then you know where to go from there.

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