Mother of Divine Grace American History Homeschool Review

by Ann Boudreaux
(Erath, LA)

Mother of Divine Grace American History was a great homeschool history curriculum. I've used it for two of my sons for 9th grade and both seemed to enjoy it. It combined American history with English and U. S. geography. The student first reads a period in history from the text 'Christ and the Americas', such as, the Civil War. They then read 3 or 4 fictional books set in that time period. (A list of suggested reading is given for each time period.) When the supplemental books are read, the student writes a paper on that time period. Suggestions are given for topics. Also, reading, history, and writing rubrics skills are given at the beginning of the curriculum as a guide to help the parent with the student.

I purchased and read most of the books that we used. The books were interesting and well-written. The curriculum itself, which also includes lesson plans, was very reasonable. The expense was in the suggested reading books, although many could probably have been obtained through the library. I decided on buying them because I had 3 who would be using them. Overall, I feel that this was a very good curriculum. It proved to me that history doesn't have to be memorizing dates and battles. It made history come alive and gave an understanding of the development of this great nation of ours.

Excellent homeschool review, Ann! I appreciate the time you took to tell others about the Mother of Divine Grace American History course. Blessings, Heather :)

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