Mother Goose Time Homeschool Preschool Curriculum

by Kelly

A group of our preschoolers with some of the bulletin board in the background

A group of our preschoolers with some of the bulletin board in the background

Young homeschooling mom reviews a hands-on, easy-to-use homeschool preschool curriculum that works for one family or a group!

I started using Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum with my children when they were 3 and 20 months old. I first just purchased the summertime activity packet, which was a grouping of "passport" activities to do over the summer. It was fun and easy to pull out when we were first testing the waters for homeschooling. This was my first introduction to any homeschooling with my kids.

In order to make the curriculum more cost effective for the more traditional school year, I split the resources with two other families, getting the larger group discount. It worked well for the craft supplies and song books, but we did have to make our own bulletin board displays and other items that continued through the months of education. At first that seemed a bit inconvenient, but I was able to use the ideas from the provided materials to tailor them to be more appropriate for my family. I think the total split across the kids ended up around $9 per child per month.

As I had more kids (a total of four of my own) it worked really well that the activities were easily modifiable to all the age groups. I liked that the friends we were sharing it with were doing the same thing, so if we had together time, they knew and were using all the same songs and activities we were. I also like that although the activities frequently were very similar, they were fun and stuff the kids liked to do. As a new homeschooler it was great that all of the crafty/art projects came with everything but glue and markers. This meant I didn't have to have a huge supply of materials, or have to go buy things to be able to do something fun for the day.

As we got more comfortable with the layout of the curriculum, it was fun to mix up our big groups, letting the kids get together to do projects on the same day. As my kids started to get older, it was great that the whole curriculum was guaranteed to not repeat itself for at least three years. That mean we could go completely through "preschool" with out having to do the same topics over if we didn't want to.

It was a great place to start and provided me with lots of great ideas on homeschooling as the kids got older. The art projects were fun, the songs and games things my kids still play/sing today, and the organization of it was a life saver on days when I didn't have time to put together a lesson plan of my own.

Now that three of my kids have outgrown the preschool curriculum, and I no longer have any friends with the right kids to share it with, I simply reuse the books and ideas that came with the early sets. It is not cost effective for only one child.

Kelly, thanks so much for the informative and thorough review of this homeschool preschool curriculum. I love your idea of making it more affordable by sharing it with other families – great tip! Blessings, Heather

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