More Benefits to Homeschooling: Shared Sense of Pride

by shari

Wonderful Benefits to Homeschooling

Wonderful Benefits to Homeschooling

Read this wonderfully encouraging story by a successful home educator! More wonderful benefits to homeschooling...

I homeschooled my son from 2nd grade through high school, and he is now a 19 year old sophomore at the University of Washington. We both look back on our homeschooling days with a shared sense of pride that bonds us. After all the ups and downs, we can now proudly say "We did it!" I'm very happy we were able to spend so much time together, and I'm sure that is a big part of why we are close and always will be.

My son has also mentioned many times that homeschooling (being efficient and flexible) allowed him to spend more time on his interests and take them to a deeper level. He became quite talented in many areas, leading to an enriched quality of life. I believe this also helped him be accepted into a selective university.

The only negative we can come up with is that we were casual about developing his writing skills, and that has made college level writing more challenging for him.

What an encouraging story, Shari! Thanks for adding to our growing list of benefits to homeschooling! Blessings, Heather
PS Your son has a great smile! :)

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