Montessori Homeschool Method Review

by Glenda
(Clarksville, Indiana)

Homeschooling mom shares why she chose the Montessori homeschool method for her son; read her review...

We just recently began the homeschool adventure and after much deliberation decided we liked the Montessori Method. Contemporary methods used by the schools weren't working for my son. He has been diagnosed with a Major Depressive Disorder, an Oppositional Defiant Disorder a Slow Cognitive Recall and, his Psychiatrist informs me, has Attention Deficit issues as well. Needless to say, his needs were not being met.

Maria Montessori believed that children learn best when given the opportunity to do so at their own pace. The world is full of learning opportunities we just need to embrace. While we do assure he receives the minimum state required standards in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, etc; we also give him the chance to use subjects and ideas that appeal to him. He needs to write reports...fine he can do them properly and instead of always using a book he can use a favorite video game. He goes hunting with his Uncle, this is an opportunity to use learning about nature and the circle of life. We only kill what we plan to use, not unlike Daniel Boone. He learns to read a trail.

Montessori is the method that we feel will best provide him with a well-rounded education and prepare him for life.

As to cost-cutting tips: There are numerous resources online and you can never go wrong with the library. Use the world around you.

Glenda, thanks for sharing your Montessori homeschool method review with others! Your thoughts are helpful and appreciated! Blessings, Heather :)

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