Money-saving Freestyle Homeschool Curriculum

by Denise & Roger Newsome Jr.
(Hopewell, VA)

Our Freestyle Homeschool Curriculum Method

Our Freestyle Homeschool Curriculum Method

Think you can't homeschool on a limited budget? Think again! Discover how two homeschooling parents provide a fun, inexpensive and exciting education for their three girls.

Hi! My husband and I are the parents of three girls, ages 11, 9 and 7. My husband and I began homeschooling them about three years ago with a lot of fear of not being able to teach them what each needed to learn for their levels, but we were wrong. We were able to tackle this homeschooling thing very well, thanks to reading a lot of information here and there, and especially here. Our children are well on their way (very smart)!

We would like to share our simple way(s) of getting great curriculums for free and almost free. Our way is making up our own curriculum(s), which in our opinion is way more fun than following many expensive ones, which tends to bore a lot of children. This way has also given my husband and I a lot of learning experience as well as our girls. We use the internet by typing in keyword like homeschooling, then we proceed to hunt through different sites that come up. A lot of the sites that come up offer free or close to free items you can use to make up your own curriculum(s) for your kids.

We also use a very inexpensive store which most people are knowledgeable about, Dollar Tree. The Dollar Tree has a very huge selection(s) of supplies, right down to arts and
crafts. Best of all everything is only $1.00 - almost free! How cool is that? We also tend to use Craigslist a lot to obtain cool things for our girls like: books and crafts. Sometimes we have lucked up on finding very expensive curriculum for free in the free section or almost free in the sale section.

We also use our public library which we use to checkout books, dvds and audios which has helped us build a lot of our curriculum(s) for our girls. Last but not least, we have found a lot of learning material(s) for building curriculums at yard sales.

To sum it all up, not only do our girls love and enjoy homeschooling, we as mom and dad love and enjoy our girls, their education and homeschooling as well. Best of all we enjoy our style of homeschooling which we call "Freestyle Curriculum."

Excellent post, Denise and Roger! Thanks for sharing your "freestyle homeschool curriculum" method and for including your many money-saving homeschooling tips – so helpful! Happy Homeschooling, Heather :)

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