Money Matters for Teens Workbook Review

by Katie-Sue Morway
(Worcester, MA)

Money Matters for Teens 15-18

Money Matters for Teens 15-18

Equip your teen with biblical money smarts! Learn more about Larry Burkett's Money Matters for Teens ages 15-18...

Money Matters for Teens for ages 15-18; this edition of Larry Burkett's series is a perfect math course for the later high school years as a student is becoming an adult. He/she needs to be equipped to have some knowledge and common sense when it comes to getting a paycheck, having a savings account, tithing, checkbook, college, staying out of debt; and what the Bible says about money.

This curriculum is clear, concise, and witty. There are fun cartoons on many pages. It certainly kept my 11th and 12th graders interested in all the money "matters" they need to know about. It's a very affordable curriculum and the workbook is 142 pages. I highly recommend it. Crown Financial Ministries

Thanks for sharing about Larry Burkett's Money Matters for Teens, Katie-Sue! I appreciate the time you took to help others learn about this affordable curriculum. Blessings, Heather

P.S. I took some time to look for this curriculum on Larry Burkett's website, but couldn't find it. This curriculum is actually published by Moody Publishers and is sold through online or brick and mortar Christian bookstores. You can purchase Money Matters for Teens ages 15-18 through CBD at a 33% discount.

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