Middle of the Year Homeschool Question

by jordnreb

ACE Homeschool Question

ACE Homeschool Question

My husband and I are leaving the state and school for five months. I'm considering using Paces (School of Tomorrow). Can I purchase just the second half of 5th grade?

Yes, you can purchase the individual PACEs you will need; they cost about $3 each. You will also need to purchase the individual answer keys for each PACE worktext; they cost around $3 as well.

If you have never used ACE (aka School of Tomorrow or Accelerated Christian Education), you can easily find out where to place your student through their diagnostic tests. Instead of guessing at what PACE to begin with, you will know exactly what PACEs to purchase.

If you have another homeschool question, please feel free to post it.
Heather :)

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