Michigan Homeschooling Questions

by Sarah
(Holly, Michigan )

Concerned mom of three asks a couple of homeschooling in Michigan questions...

Hi my name is Sarah and I live in Holly, Michigan. I have three kids, my oldest son is 6yrs old and is in first grade at Holly Academy. I have two younger children a two year old boy and a six month old girl. My husband and I have always been interested in homeschooling but never took any steps towards it. In light of the horrific tragedy that took place in Connecticut we are definitely taking those steps to keep our children safe among many other reasons that we have. My son is now on his winter break and will be returning to school on January 4th. I have read on your website that I am able to take my son out of school during the school year. I am a bit scared on how I should approach the school and let them know that I am pulling my son out. I could use any advice you can share. I also have a question regarding the curriculum that I need to get for my son. He is a very smart kid who loves to learn about everything. He is the youngest in his entire 1st grade class he actually is one year younger. I want to make sure I get a curriculum that will keep him challenged but at the same time I don't want something that will be to difficult that would turn him away. I read the types of teaching from your website and I think the unity form of teaching might be the one for us. I also don't understand where I should get my curriculum from......Please help. I want to start ASAP so that I could have my son at home and learning. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get as I am extremely excited and scared to start my journey as a homeschooling teacher. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you

Hi Sarah,
Yes, you can take your son out of public school during the school year. Like you, I felt uneasy about taking my daughter out of school, but knew we couldn't wait until the end of the school year. You can contact the school in several ways. You could write a letter. You could call. You could personally visit the school and talk with a school official. Remember - it is legal to homeschool your child in Michigan and you
have the right to take your son out of school, if you want. If you want to make sure they have a record of your notification, send a letter. In the letter, you may want to request your son's school records. He's only in first grade, so it's not terribly important if you don't have his transcript.

I've pulled a child out of school two times. The first time was mid-year, I went to the (private) school to pick up my daughter and talked to the teacher and principal. The second time (high school), I called and left a message saying that my daughter was no longer going to be attending classes, that we would continue to homeschool her and if they had any questions to please contact me.

You have the option to register or not to register in Michigan. Most families do not register their homeschool with the state. So you do not have to fill out any paperwork.
As far as unit study curriculum, I personally love Five In a Row. It's simple, fun and very inexpensive. You will find a lot of free homeschool lapbooks (folders you create with little booklets and pull-outs) that go along with the Five in a Row curriculum on a website called homeschool share. Most of the books you need for Five in a Row (FIAR), you will find at the library; you can also include younger children in your lessons as well.

Two other homeschool unit study curriculum options that you may be interested in are: My Father's World (Christian) and Story of the World (Secular). I have never used My Father's World, but we do have the Story of the World curriculum, workbook and stories on DVD.

You can find reviews of Five in a Row, My Father's World and Story of the World written by parents who have used these unit studies in their home.

You can find the curriculum from the publisher's websites, or sometimes you can find it on used curriculum sites like ebay, homeschoolclassifieds.com or vegsource.com/homeschool. In the summer months, you can find lots of curriculum vendors at homeschool bookfairs and conferences.

I hope this helps you! If you have any other question about homeschooling in Michigan or unit studies, please feel free to ask. Wishing you many blessings as you begin your homeschooling journey!
Heather :)

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