Michigan Homeschooling Questions: Teaching Other Kids

by Bettie Adams
(Howell, Michigan USA)

Michigan Homeschooling Questions

Michigan Homeschooling Questions

I am a certified teacher in Michigan and am homeschooling my 8 year old son but I have families who are not state certified and would like me to also teach their kids. Is this legal? Can they hire me to teach their children?

I worked in a private school and left and these families are looking for a new experience. It is only five kids including mine. It is really confusing. When I contacted the MDE they said that it is legal but I just don't trust it! LOL...

Do I still need to contact each child's district superintendent to inform them or does the parent do this? It is often not recommended for home schoolers to fill out the SM-4325 but if I am being hired by parents, should I do this?

It sounds like parents are supposed to school their own children but if they do not hold a bachelors degree and aren't claiming a religious exemption then can they hire someone like me? I really appreciate any advice you can offer.


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Jan 05, 2012
Did you find the answer?
by: Anonymous

Hello Betty!

I was most recently seeked after, by a friend of my in-laws asking if I could homeschool their 2nd grade daughter, without going into great detail, the daughter does not do well in the public school setting. I am a certified elementary teacher and currently not working. I have already given them the information they needed regarding going through the correct channels and paperwork to try and keep the daughter in school, but to no succeed have they come to a compromise that best suits the student. I would love to help this family, but am afraid that it is not legal in Michigan.

Thank You for your help,

Aug 24, 2015
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