Michigan Home School Middle of the Year Help

by Dena
(Rochester Hills, Mi)

Michigan Home School Help

Michigan Home School Help

Concerned mom of a struggling ninth grader, needs Michigan home school help and guidance...

After dealing with harassment with my son's special ed teacher I am pulling him out of school (MI). I have taught one special ed son through Mi Virtual HS with the permission of the school district and he received credit to graduate but I am not able to use this program in our new school district: Rochester Comm.

I really, really need some direction/guideline on the steps to start my son immediately (9th grade/having to complete his first semester still and who is not able to attend school because of the extreme anxiety he is having).

Hi Dena,
As you know, Michigan has very nice homeschool laws, so you don't need to register through the state, unless you want to. Since your son is already enrolled in a public school, I would notify the school that your son will no longer be attending classes, but will be homeschooled effective immediately. I recommend writing a letter, so they have it for their records.

When I pulled my daughter out of private school, I talked to her teacher and principal personally to notify them she wouldn't be returning.

My oldest went to public high school for one year. We decided to not send her the following year and I just called the school and told them (left a message) that she would not be attending any longer. I never heard from them again.

You will want to get your son's records from the school as well, so you can see where he’s at and what he has completed so far. If he is really struggling in certain subject areas, you may want to start some courses all over again – we’ve had to do that with our kids at times, but they catch up quickly. We often do school throughout the summer so my children can catch up, or get ahead.

Here is a doc that outlines the Michigan graduation requirements; it will help you as you plan.

As far as curriculum, the selection process can be overwhelming. While you decide, you can ask the school if you can continue to use the materials he is currently using until you find other resources to use. This option may not work well though, since you will not have the teacher's manual, solutions, etc.

In March, there is a homeschooling bookfair at the Costick Center in Farmington Hills organized by Homeschooling Works. You will find curriculum on display and homeschooling workshops to help you in your homeschooling journey; I encourage you to attend.

I'm hesitant to recommend curriculum or resources as I don't really know your son's learning difficulties or the reasons he had a special ed teacher. If you email me more info, I can give additional guidance. If you would like to post more information, other visitors can provide input as well – lots of parents homeschool children with learning problems and special needs.


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