MI Homeschooling Help: Don't Know Where to Begin!

by Penny Shuberg
(Jackson, Michigan)

MI Homeschooling Help Needed!

MI Homeschooling Help Needed!

MI homeschooling questions and advice needed for a concerned grandmother of a struggling teenage granddaughter...

I have a teenage grandaughter who is ADD, ADHD and also has a learning disability. She is bullied at school, called names and it has come to the point she is refusing to go to school. This has been a problem since Kindergarten.

I am considering home schooling. I live in Jackson, Michigan. Her mother is a working single Mmom and does not have a lot of money. Is this feasible? Could you tell us how to go about starting this? We would appreciate any info you could provide.


Hi Penny!
Michigan homeschooling laws are wonderful (you don’t need to register with the state, etc.), so you shouldn't have any problems with pulling your daughter out of school. I would notify the school that you are going to homeschool her and ask for a copy of her records.

Many single parents homeschool their children successfully. The homeschool community is made up of families from all income levels. You can homeschool your granddaughter on a limited budget by finding resources on the internet, at the library, etc. Some homeschool groups may also help low-income or struggling families by donating used curriculum and resources.

Penny, it may be worth your time to take your granddaughter to the Emmanuel Center; it's not far from you. They can give you guidance as far as what kind of materials will best suit your granddaughters learning style.

The Emmanuel Center used to be located in Holt, MI, but recently moved to:
3721 W Michigan Ave Ste. 102
Lansing, MI 48917
(517) 853-9366

I hope this information is helpful to you as you begin your homeschooling journey. What a wonderful grandmother you are to care about your granddaughter so much that you would help your daughter homeschool her... kudos to you!

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Jan 27, 2012
Cannot find Emmanuel Center on line anywhere!
by: Jennifer

I've your advice to grandmother in Jackson, MI telling her about Emmanuel Center in Holt, moved to Lansing...I cannot get a hold of them at all. All the numbers have been disconnected. Did they close?

Jan 27, 2012
Emmanuel Center
by: Heather

Hi Jennifer,
It looks like they moved again. I will ask some of my homeschool friends to see if they can confirm. Try this number: (517) 327-8368
Office Address:
623 Rapidan Drive
Lansing, MI 48917
Website: homeschoolcenter.com
Owner: Nancy Sisson
If you find out something different, can you post so that others will know? Thanks so much!

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