Math-U-See Homeschool Math Success

by Kristi
(North Carolina)

North Carolina homeschooling family enjoys Math-U-See homeschool math curriculum success! Read this happy mom's review to learn more about this program...

I fell in love with Math-U-See homeschool math curriculum by accident. I stumbled in a class offered at a convention and knew it was perfect for my 10yo son. Everyone attending said through-out the entire presentation, "I wish math was shown to us this way growing up." You truly get to see the reason behind math, not just memorizing a bunch of facts and never knowing when to use them other than when told.

I called my husband and said "math struggles are finally over!" and I am proud to report they truly are! My son says repeatedly, "I love this, it is so easy to understand, I finally enjoy math!"

Previously he was exposed to multiplication, division, fractions, and geometry all at the same time without having mastered any of it. No wonder he was confused and frustrated! With Math-U-See (MUS), you master a concept before moving on. Love it!

As far as the cost, I find the set to be very affordable. There is a teacher book with lesson plans and answers, as well as a dvd with everything explained for the lesson. The dvd is designed for the parent to watch and then teach to the student, but my boys just watch the dvd with me and I am there to help them. There is also the student set with worksheets and tests. The worsheets are 5 per lesson with 30 lessons per level. The best part is the manipulative blocks so you can see what you are doing. They won't have to use them forever, but they sure help them see what they are doing!

I would recommend this homeschool math curriculum to anyone starting out or to those with children who struggle with math. There was one mom in the convention class that has used it for three years and just came because she loves it so much. They had tried every curriculum out there and MUS was the only one to work for her daughter. Can't recommend it enough!

Kristi, thanks for taking the time to share your Math-U-See homeschool math curriculum success with others! Your review will be very helpful to other parents looking for an easy-to-use math program for homeschooling. Blessings, Heather :)

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