Math-U-See for Homeschooling Math Success!

by Laura

Making Homeschooling Math Fun and Easy

Making Homeschooling Math Fun and Easy

We love Math-U-See homeschooling math curriculum for several reasons. As a single, working, home schooling mother of three, I find Math-U-See to be excellent in that the DVD instruction is convenient when my time to teach is limited, but it is still important for my children to understand concepts in a timely fashion.

The DVD is easy enough for even a 2nd grader to navigate and they can watch it over and over until they fully grasp the concept. With the higher levels of math that most of us are afraid of teaching, the same instruction DVDs help me to understand the concept before I try to teach it to my children.

Math-U-See is an easy and effective way to teach your children from the earliest stages of understanding up to Pre-Calculus. My children enjoy this program because it focuses on one concept at a time to insure mastery. The in-hand materials really help the student to see the math concept, not just memorize or hope to work it.

Every student likes to understand what they are learning and this program is designed to do just that. Truly understand. Unlike most other curriculum, with Math-U-See you do not just get a bunch of materials and are set on your own. They have an extensive web site with help at your finger tips. I have even been able to contact the designer of the program personally.

I have been home schooling for fourteen years, and I have never seen my children so excited to do math. They actually get excited during the summer when school is drawing near and ask me what program they get to do next. The fact that my children are not just getting an excellent education, but love the learning process is priceless.

The program is very affordable and the hands on materials, teacher's books and DVDs are durable and reusable year after year. I highly recommend Math-U-See homeschooling math curriculum for all students. Even those with what would be classified as "special needs".

I am including the Math-U-See link so anyone can investigate it for them selves. I recommend looking through the site, viewing the demos and contacting them with any questions you have.

Happy Home Schooling All!

What a wonderfully thorough review of Math-U-See, Laura! Thanks so much for sharing why you and your kids love this popular homeschooling math program. I'm sure it will be extremely helpful to others. Blessings, Heather :)

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