Math U See Homeschool Math Curriculum Review

by Sheryl
(Canton, OH, USA)

Five kids, five ways of learning, one homeschool math curriculum. Check out this informative review to learn more about Math-U-See...

Last year, I was looking for a homeschool math curriculum to especially help my reluctant learner and the ones with learning difficulties.

I used Math-U-See with my daughter, who was in first grade last year. We started with the Primer because I thought the reinforcement and review would be good for her, since she struggled a lot in kindergarten. She LOVED it. She enjoyed looking at and using the blocks and coloring in the books. She begged to do many lessons each day and actually finished that book and the next one in one school year!

I used Math-U-See (MUS) with my third grade son. He liked using the manipulatives for learning the multiplication facts, but found quickly that he could do them much faster on his own than with the blocks. We had a difficult time understanding their way of doing the multiplication of numbers in the hundreds by tens and higher. He preferred "my" (old school) way.

I also used MUS with my daughter and son who were in 8th grade. My daughter really liked the instruction from the DVD's. My son could have cared less and preferred to have me show him. Neither of them wanted to use the blocks, as they felt the blocks
were too childish.

It is expensive to get started because of the necessity of buying the student kit (student workbook and test book) as well as the teacher kit (teacher book and DVD) AND the manipulatives. But if you have the manipulatives, then the ongoing cost isn't as bad. I did find some places to purchase items used, but pretty much just the teacher kit and manipulatives. The materials all hold their cost pretty well, and even used, you can't find them tremendously cheaper than retail.

For this year, I'm using MUS for my kindergarten son (who HATES coloring, so that should prove interesting), my 2nd grade daughter (who is already excited about it), and my 4th grade son, who is not impressed.

One thing that I think is nice about MUS is that it focuses on one major area a year. One year is only addition, one is subtraction, another is multiplication, yet another is division, etc. There is regular review of the older concepts through each book, however.

Sheryl, thanks for the well-written and informative Math-U-See review! I know it will be very helpful to other parents considering this homeschool math curriculum for their child/ren. The time you took to help others learn more about MUS is appreciated. Blessings, Heather :)

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Sep 29, 2015
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by: Susie

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