Math Mammoth Review

by Jennifer
(South Bend, IN)

Math Mammoth Review

Math Mammoth Review

New homeschooling mom shares an informative Math Mammoth review to help you learn more about this affordable, easy-to-use (and downloadable) math curriculum...

I am brand new to home schooling my 2nd grade daughter who is bright, but struggling to read and spell (she most likely has dyslexia), and her school was not giving adequate help. She was stressed out and having frequent headaches, as well as not sleeping well. One of her strong points is math, and I stumbled upon Math Mammoth in my many hours of researching curriculum.
Math Mammoth stresses mental math, which she is good at, and offers free, printable assessments. I was impressed that the author offers to help advise on placement, if needed. My daughter just finished the 2nd grade math assessment and passed with flying colors. I will be purchasing the 3rd grade curriculum today. It is so affordable, at only $37.50 for the full 3rd grade set.

Depending on the reseller you choose to order from listed on their website, you also get a free bonus Soft-Pak. Another great benefit is that it is a PDF download, so I don't have to wait for it to come in the mail, nor do I have more books to find a place for in my already cluttered house. You simply print
off the pages you need at the time, or the student can fill them in on the computer as they are enabled for annotation. However, there are options for purchasing hard copies if you so choose. In addition, they offer bundles at a discount for ordering multiple grades at the same time. Although you can purchase math for higher grades, they are not complete curriculum like the ones for grades one through six, but maybe that will change by the time she is ready for 7th grade! I am excited to get started!

Welcome to the wonderful world of homeschooling! Kudos to you, for taking your daughter's education into your own hands; you will do well. Thanks so much for helping others by sharing an insightful Math Mammoth review. I appreciate your thoughts, and for including some great benefits of using this curriculum. Wishing you much success in your homeschooling journey!
Heather :)

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