Math Mammoth Homeschooling Math Curriculum for Grade Four

by New Homeschool Mom

Homeschooling Math Curriculum Review

Homeschooling Math Curriculum Review

New homeschooling mom shares how choosing the right homeschooling math curriculum plus some loving parental instruction can turn potential math failure into success...

I purchased the Math Mammoth Light Blue series for 4th grade homeschooling math a few weeks ago. I chose it because it was affordable and I was able to view a great many sample pages (you can download 280 sample pages) including some online before purchase.

My husband and I recently pulled my daughter out of school and as we started the homeschooling math program, we could see she didn't fully grasp the concept of regrouping with subtraction. I was able to order a work text that for addition/subtraction that goes into explanations in great detail.

We literally saw the improvement within the week. Instead of getting 5-6 problems wrong out of about 15, her work is now showing she better understands, with one or none wrong. She is more confident in her math skills now and I wonder how long she would have just 'gotten by' in school without us realizing she was having trouble with the basics (she was working on division in school). It would have surely shown over time.

I love that the program is so affordable. It cost just under $30 for the 4th grade full curriculum series. The additional worktext was $4.25. Both were downloadable but you do have the option of ordering on disk. You will need to factor in the cost for printing either from home or having it done for you.

In addition, the homeschooling math program comes with a few free software programs. They are not newer looking - they look more dos based but I tried a few and like them because they really drill the math facts so the child can learn them and minimize use of fingers to add/subtract.

What a great story; thanks for sharing how your daughter is finding success with Math Mammoth homeschooling curriculum! Blessings, Heather :)

PS Could you contact me? I would love to share something with you, but you did not include your email address with your post... thanks! :)

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