Math Mammoth Homeschool Math Curriculum

by angaiak7

Affordable Homeschool Math Curriculum

Affordable Homeschool Math Curriculum

If you're looking for affordable homeschool math curriculum, check out this homeschooling mom's review of Math Mammoth...

I discovered Math Mammoth during this past summer when I was desperately searching for homeschool math curriculum...again.

I had been receiving Ms. Miller's newsletter for about a year, not realizing that she also offered a full 1st -6th grade curriculum. Her newsletter had great links to other free websites, you-tube videos explaining different math concepts and all around encouragement for teaching math skills. Its obviously a love of hers.

My children ages are 2-11. We have used almost every math curriculum available. My biggest requirements for a math curriculum are:

1. Math as a reasoning process (meaning: you apply reasoning to a problem that has numbers). Numbers work in predictable patterns and many strategies can be utilized to find solutions.

2. A primarily self-paced, self-taught course (meaning: mom is not required to instruct for 30-40 minutes daily). I am always available to instruct as needed, just not required to spoon feed all information.

Math Mammoth's Light Blue Series is a graded math program, written for homeschoolers, and meant to be as self-taught as child is able. My first grader does her work with me, and I help as needed for the 3rd, 5th and 6th grader.

Each grade is a two book work-text set. They are not separated into daily lessons, but 2-3 pages a day will accomplish a grade in a year. There is no teacher book, an answer key is provided.

Each new section in the work-text begins with hints for teaching and explaining, links to websites for practice (the ones we have used have been very helpful). The younger grades have games to play, and a Table of Contents showing how many pages for each subject, helping you to plan out the lessons if you desire to. Chapter tests, and cumulative reviews are also included.

I made my purchase online at I ordered the full 1-6A for $123.00. It also comes with a 'soft-pak', which I haven't explored, and a worksheet generator to be used as needed.

We do have to print out our own books, but it has been inexpensive compared to what I have spent on many other homeschool math curriculum in a single year. I do not use color unless it is absolutely necessary.

I am surprised that this curriculum hasn't been in more major publications. It has provided challenging work, required reasoning, allowed for self paced progress and given clear instruction for me and my children. I couldn't be happier.

I also highly recommend her websites as a wonderful math resource for parents and students alike.

My all of your math journeys be as pleasant as ours is now!

Thanks for the informative review of Math Mammoth homeschool math curriculum; its much appreciated! Blessings, Heather :)

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