Maine Homeschooling Questions

by Angela Eagan
(Owls Head Maine)

Maine Homeschooling Help Needed

Maine Homeschooling Help Needed

Single mom has Maine homeschooling questions. She lives on a limited budget and feels like she's not smart enough to home school her daughter...

My child has a hard time fitting in at school. The girls at school have the latest stuff and it is hard for me to keep up with what all is needed and what she would love to have.

We sometimes cant get the time right to be in school on time and then there are days we cant find any socks. I am on TANF and find it hard as a single mom.

She is smart when she wants to be. Then there are times she just doesn't want to go back to school. She asked me to home school her. When I feel like I am smart I think I can... I open books now a days and feel at times like I don't really know. We want to give it a try. Is there any help with books that are needed for my teen and I to be home schooled? Thanks.

Hi Angela,
I would encourage you to contact a local and state homeschooling group. Homeschoolers of Maine is a state organization that hosts a used curriculum fair, convention, etc. You will also learn about the homeschooling laws and requirements for Maine and find information on support groups near your home.

I checked out their website and I think they provide scholarships for needy families for their used curriculum fair. They also have a list of great free resources that you will find beneficial.

Joining a local will help you to connect with other homeschooling families in your area. You will find other girls your daughter's age who she can get to know and moms who can provide some support and encouragement as you begin homeschooling.


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