Living Books Curriculum Review

by Amy Kramer
(Kane, Pa)

Check out this helpful Living Books Curriculum review to learn more about LBC and the Charlotte Mason learning method...

This is my first go at homeschooling my 5 year old for kindergarten. Why didn't anyone tell me how difficult homeschooling can be? Researching and talking to homeschool parents, I only heard about the joys of connecting with your kids during a full day of quiet learning. I didn't hear anything about children who pretend not to know the answer to a question I just told them the answer to, or the constant "I don't knows" or the scribbling instead of writing a simple A that I've seen this kid do dozens of times on her own. That being said, I wouldn't have done anything different.

I feel like I've chosen the perfect curriculum for my teaching style and my child's learning style. Living Books Curriculum is a wonderful curriculum based on the Charlotte Mason "Living Books" method. It is a natural way of teaching your child through reading poetry, picture books, chapter books, art study, and nature study. There is no unnecessary and boring "busy work" and absolutely no "twaddle", as Charlotte Mason fans will recognize as the word used to describe: dumbed-down products made for children. The curriculum guide gives you a weekly plan and detailed descriptions to teach your child everything a kindergartener should know. Not included is the math curriculum, which you purchase on your own.

What I really like about LBC is it's gentle approach to kindergarten, so that the child's first year is most definitely a success. My very playful kindergartener is already reading her BOB books, and the school year is not yet over. She can sit and listen to
Charlotte's Web being read to her, and can identify many birds and natural wildlife due to her nature study. She can identify some works of art from our art study, and also can tell you everything you wanted to know about frogs and salamanders. She can tell you about many bible stories from the Old Testament thanks to our reading of "The Child's Story Bible". Science and Map study is another integral part of LBC's curriculum. My daughter can identify the US and Australia, Africa, etc. in our Atlas. I remember playing with blocks and eating cookies in my Kindergarten class! Well, I can honestly say that I will be ordering the first grade curriculum from LBC very soon...

Amy, thanks so much for sharing your Living Books Curriculum review so that others can learn more about this homeschool curriculum AND the Charlotte Mason learning method. It sounds as though you have found the perfect homeschool curriculum match for you and your 5yo!

I agree with your comment that homeschooling is difficult at times. I'm not sure why home educators aren't more open about their homeschooling difficulties. Perhaps they don't often share their difficulties because:
1. They don't want others to know that they are struggling.
2. They know homeschooling is the best decision for their child or family.
3. They don't want to negatively affect another parent's decision to homeschool.
4. They don't want to come under attack from those that are against homeschooling or want to regulate it.
Great conversation starter, Amy!

Wishing you another successful homeschooling year using Living Books Curriculum!
Heather :)

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